How to Move Piano – A Complete Guide

how to move piano

Shifting a piano in Phoenix is a meticulous process that needs to be carefully planned and carried out. Planning everything will help to ensure the safety of the instrument and the individuals involved. Moreover, specialized assistance is necessary to handle the process with utmost care.

This article involves the essential steps and also the tips which are necessary for the safe moving of the piano. Read the details thoroughly for the damage-free transfer of your piano.

Steps for Moving a Piano

Following are some of the major steps which should be kept in mind for the safe movement of the piano.

1.   Make Evaluation in Detail:

Evaluate the overall atmosphere and the piano. Take measurements of hallways, stairs, and entryways to ensure that the piano can be moved without any obstructions.

Also, determine the necessary labour and equipment by weighing and examining the piano. This will help you to avoid any possible mishaps during the move.

2.   Secure the Piano:

Remove any loose or detachable components, such as the top or pedals, and fasten them firmly. To prevent the console cover from opening while being transported, lock it.

You must secure the piano completely before loading it onto the moving truck.

3.   Use Proper Lifting Techniques:

To prevent injuries, look for the aid of other people and employ safe lifting techniques. Keep the piano adjusted to prevent falling and raise it from its base rather than its handles or legs. Proper lifting techniques will ensure the safety of the piano throughout the move.

4.   Use of Specific Equipment:

To protect the piano during transit, use specific equipment such as piano carts, lashes, and covers. In addition, to prevent damage and unforeseen situations, place the piano on a sturdy cart and fasten it with lashings.

5.   Move Safely Through Obstacles:

Exercise caution when navigating through doors, stairs, and confined areas. For easier piano moving, use lift doors or inclines. Make sure someone makes a proper way, and converse with others to avoid accidents.

6.   Careful Loading:

Transfer the piano carefully onto a van or moving truck. To prevent it from moving while travelling, place it securely against the wall. Use additional padding or covers to prevent scratches and damage during the transfer.

7.   Transportation:

Drive cautiously and gradually, especially when crossing rough terrain or bumps. Avoid making sudden stops or sharp turns as these could cause the piano to tremble. To ensure the piano remains safe and sound while in transit, screen it.

8.   Unloading:

Follow the safety precautions when unloading at a new location. Carefully remove the piano from the car after reaching the destination. Place it in its new home and remove any tying knots or coverings.

9.   Reassembly:

Replace any detached piano parts, such as the cover or pedals, if necessary. Make sure that everything is moved correctly and the piano is operational.

10. Tuning:

To ensure the piano is in ideal playing condition following the move, it is recommended that it should be tuned by a qualified specialist. Proper tuning will help the piano to play smoother than before.

Tips for Safe Piano Move

Moving a piano can be challenging, but with a few tips, it can be easier.

  • Measure the piano and any doorways or hallways ahead of time to ensure a smooth travel.
  • Then gather a crew of strong friends or professional movers to help you lift and carry the piano safely.
  • Use specialized moving equipment, such as straps or piano dollies, to secure the piano during transit.
  • It’s also essential to cover the piano with blankets or padding to prevent scratches.
  • Lastly, to avoid any accidents, move the piano slowly and carefully.

Opt for Professional Movers for Easy Transfer

You should opt for the professional Phoenix movers who have great expertise in moving pianos safely. There are many affordable movers in town who can make your process easier and stress-free. Do proper research and opt for the best ones.


In conclusion, it takes meticulous planning, attention to detail, and consideration for the challenges involved when moving a piano. You can ensure the piano reaches its destination safely by observing the situation completely and adhering to the essential steps for a safe move.

Remember that it’s critical to prioritize security throughout the move for the piano and everyone involved in its transportation.


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