How to Plan Your Office Move in Phoenix

How to Plan Your Office Move in Phoenix

Planning to move an office in Phoenix is difficult, but when we plan well, choose the right office moving company then things can be easy. Through this guide, we shall learn how to shift our businesses from one point to another within the city ensuring that there is no or minimal downtime.

Plan a Perfect Move: Relocate Your Business in Phoenix

1. Develop a Moving Plan


●     Create a Timeline

At least six months before your office move, begin to plan for it. Make sure you have a detailed timeline for everything you need to do concerning the move; including informing employees, customers, as well as partners in time before packing up for the moving day itself.

●     Appoint a Moving Coordinator

Appoint one moving coordinator to supervise the entire process. She/he shall act as the main contact for the office moving company in Phoenix and guarantee that all activities are on time.


2. Set a Budget


●     Estimate Costs

When you move your office, you have to pay for a lot of things such as hiring office movers, buying packaging products or sometimes, experiencing downtimes. Be sure to compare quotes from different moving businesses for offices so that you can have an idea about the expenses you are likely to incur.

●     Include Contingency Funds

Put aside some extra money for sudden expenses, this may be handy for last minute changes.


3. Hire Professional Office Movers in Phoenix


●     Research Moving Companies

There are many office movers in Phoenix and the quality of available services differs. It is better to look for firms that have established themselves as experts on issues related to moving commercial properties.

At STI Movers our expertise speaks volume ensuring a broad experience in this field. The other step involves checking what other people think about the selected office movers and also ensure to get some reviews from former clients.

STI movers has always been a source of contentment and satisfaction to our previous clients as well our new customers.

●     Request Detailed Quotes

The searchers must secure detailed quotations from the movers located in Phoenix Arizona but these quotes must detail everything including freight charges, labor costs as well as additional services e.g. packing.

●     Verify Insurance and Licenses

Make sure the office  moving company has full insurance and a permit. This is going to protect your business in the event of any damage or loss during the transition. STI movers is proud to be the licensed and insured movers in Phoenix.


4. Notify Stakeholders


●     Inform Employees

Inform employees of moving plans ahead of time. Tell them where you will be relocating to, when the move will happen and what will change in their job duties.

●     Update Clients and Service Providers

Inform your customers, suppliers and service providers about the relocation. Remember to update your business address on all marketing materials, online directories and official documents.


5. Inventory and Declutter


●     Conduct an Inventory

Make a stock inventory of office equipment, furniture and supplies. It helps to know what needs moving and what can be thrown away or given to someone you know.

●     Dispose of Unnecessary Items

When moving, take advantage of decluttering, getting rid of things you will not need any more or giving them away. In this way you will have less items to carry with you thus spending less money in transportation.


6. Plan the New Office Layout


●     Design the New Space

Collaborate with a designer or utilize office planning software when designing a layout for a new office. The spacing of workstations, meeting rooms, storage and common areas should be considered.

●     Coordinate with IT

Make sure that your IT department is part of the planning committee since the new place will need computers, servers, and other technology installations.


7. Pack Efficiently


●     Label Everything

Make sure you provide an adequate description of every box and item found in the new office premises for easier and quicker offloading. Engage office movers and packers for an efficient move.

●     Use Quality Packing Materials

During shifting, one should invest on strong boxes. You are likely to incur extra costs to get wrapping products or seeking services from people who move offices in phoenix.

●     Pack Non-Essentials First

Start by packing non-essential items like decorations, books, and archived files such as old mails or books that have been junked. Do not forget to leave the most essential items – computers and important documents – until the moving date nears.


8. Coordinate the Move Day


●     Plan for Moving Day Logistics

Ensure that the moving team is given clear instructions and access to various locations. Contact the lifts and parking spaces at the building premises.

●     Supervise the Move

Make sure to have your moving coordinator there on the day when you are moving so that he or she can supervise the process and make sure everything goes well. He should also deal with any difficulties that may arise.


9. Set Up the New Office


●      Unpack and Organize

As soon as everything has been relocated to the new office, unpacking and organizing should commence. Make sure that you start by setting up workstations and IT infrastructure first.

●     Conduct a Walkthrough

Once you have settled in at your new workplace it is important that you walk around to see if all things are okay with it so going wrong cannot appear out from nowhere. Notify the authorities whenever something is spotted not right at this moment or even after when reports on how they moved would be asked by these authorities.

The new office to ensure everything is in place and functioning correctly. Check for any damages and report them to your moving company immediately.


10. Communicate the Completion


●     Inform Stakeholders

Once you’re done moving, tell everybody your company’s new address. Give your staff and clients any required information or instructions.

●     Update Address Information

Let postal services and any licenses or permits be notified so that you can update all business materials, websites, and directories with your new address.


Careful organization and help from expert office movers are obligatory when planning your office move in Phoenix. You can have an easy and successful business relocation in case you take the listed steps and involve a trustworthy Phoenix-based commercial moving service corporation in the exercise, with minimal interference on your organization’s daily routine.

A good beginning consists of early commencement, proper arrangement, and effective communication during the office relocation process.


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